Now we have 30 moves to match 12 evil snails of any color. There are two Time Bombs however, with a count-down of 15, but they are relatively easy to get. And since the Time Bombs are on our way to the snails, let’s ignore them for the time being, and match them as we make our way across the grid. The evil snails are guarded by single Iron Blockers, and are in turn stuck inside Devouring Plants. Once we have destroyed quite a few obstacles, circulation in the right side of the grid will commence, making the objective quite feasible in 30 turns or less.

So focus on that first column of obstacles, and actively go for special gift combos, such as a color gift with a striped gift or a striped gift with a gift bag. You’ll need all the explosive power you can get in order to smash through the right side of the grid. 

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