With only 2 birds to save and 27 moves to go, you might be tempted to use the Grappling Hook straight away. However, there are a number of obstacles in your way, quite literally, and first they must be smashed through in order to reach those keys at the bottom.

The furthest side of the grid has Iron Blockers without a piece of armor. Focusing on those obstacles in there will be easier. If you choose to follow this method and only occasionally smash through the left side of the grid, then it is paramount that you guide the birds through the right teleporter. If somehow one of the birds ends up on the wrong side, just ignore it until all the obstacles on the right are gone. Then just swipe once with the Grappling Hook and the objective should be over. 

Just keep in mind to never have a bird stuck above an obstacle as that space will be required for a match at some point. 

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