In 33 moves we have to free 4 birds. It may sound simple enough, but the shape of the grid and the placement of the teleporters might work against you. There are specific places that if the birds reach, they will literally become stuck, and you’ll end up hoping for a convenient match that will never seem to come. In those cases, it might be better to use a booster such as the Grappling Hook, rather than waiting for the gifts to fall. Or prevent it all together with the Time Twister.

On top of this, there’s an Evil Totem trapped in a Devouring Plant near the bottom of the grid. Because of its location, the Totem can become loose pretty early if you are not careful. And because it’s located so near the end, some mandatory matches to make room for the birds will force your turn count to deplete. Study the grid and the flow of the gifts and go through this level slowly.

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