Now we have 34 moves to tear through 27 red gift wraps. Not only are the objective’s gift wraps beneath Iron Blockers, but they are on another grid all together. On the right grid however, there’s an entire line of striped gifts aiming at those blockers. Too bad they are trapped beneath Devouring Plants and are hiding behind quadruple Iron Blockers!

With only 34 moves to go, we’re going to have to be extra utilitarian in our moves.  Meaning, vertical matches against the Iron Blockers are preferred over horizontal ones. Striped gifts matches are preferred over other ones as well, as they can tear through the wraps in the other grid. 

Managing to unwrap those mystery gifts from a distance and then using a booster or two to activate them will cause a chain reaction that will at least clear most of the Blockers allowing for gifts to freely flow in there. 

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