The snails are in danger again, and this time we have a new obstacle placed there by Tin’s rival.

The objective of the mission is to save 10 snails in total, 6 green, 2 blue and 2 red, with 20 moves to go. One little problem though: the Snail Magnet. This evil toy is positioned on the top and middle of the grid. It pulls at the closest snail from a wide range, and it forces it to move one spot towards the magnet, despite the gravity. Sometimes the magnet may even help the placing of the gifts. It may force a match-3 ever so often and cause chain reactions to your benefit. But if it does manage and capture a snail, then your objective won’t be able to be completed and you’ll have to begin the stage all over again.

Now don’t worry. If and that happens, you’ll be given an option to disable the magnet for 5 turns using your gems. If you decide to spend your gems, not only will the Snail Magnet be disabled, but you’ll also be given 5 extra turns to play with, plus an additional life if you don’t have 5 already. Because of the bonuses, this use of gems is ideal in tight spots. When the magnet is disabled, a helpful bar will indicate how many turns it will last, giving you ample time to get your almost captured snail back to freedom.

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