30 turns to go and we have to match 8 evil snails. The problem immediately becomes apparent as the quadruple Iron Blocker shows its face. These nasty pieces of iron need 5 matches or blast attempts in order to be completely destroyed. Behind these rows of obstacles, we have 3 Time Bombs ticking down from 22. Lastly, three evil snails sitting quietly and having evil thoughts, deciding how to best evade you if they’re ever unleashed.

Strategy should be straightforward, with the destruction of the first column of Blockers. Any chance to match the evil snails in the grid, take it. Also actively try and make striped gifts as their rockets can bypass the obstacles and knockout either bomb or snail. 

If the timer is close to running out, calculate on which item is better to spend your gems on. Five more turns on the bomb timer, or more Magic Scissors to take care of many objects at once? 

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