Match 9 evil snails of any color in 20 moves or less. Three of those snails will be trapped at the very bottom, blocked off by triple-armored Iron Blockers. The rest are coming in through teleporters from the sides, following the Iron Moving Blockers that will make their way into the main grid first.

Emphasis should be given in making room in the main grid and destroying the lower obstacles. However, once the new snails make their way into the grid, you’ll find many opportunities to use vertical striped gifts and send those snails out the bottom and flying out without even bothering with the obstacles. Or better yet, you can use the Magic Scissors and get rid of all three at once if they prove to be too much of a bother. 

Avoid the side columns as much as you can, since once the Evil Totems are freed, the turn count will run down pretty quick. 

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