Here we have to tear through 63 gift wraps in 30 moves or less. Even as the entire grid is occupied by gift wraps, it will take us some time to clear through all rows and columns. Making matters worse are the two barriers which will limit our gift flow considerably. Those upper rows especially will be a bit hard to get.

One strategy could be focusing on the bottom grid first so you can begin some sort of downward flow, and from time to time glance at the upper grid and make a match or two before the gifts start moving again. Or even better, in the starting rounds, try and make only a match-3 in the upper most row, giving a chance to the grid to fill up entirely. 

Keep in mind that you won’t be able to move gifts in empty spaces, nor can you use the Magic Scissors or the Minebug to tear through unoccupied gift wraps. 

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