In this level we have to unwrap 30 green gifts in 35 moves. The grid is straight-forward but maybe not as big as what we got used to so far. Out of necessity we will have to begin unwrapping all the other gifts to make space for the green ones that randomly fall. The extra moves are there to give us an edge as it can be sometimes difficult to get at least three green ones that are nearby. Other times, in our immersion to the unwrapping of gifts, we may lose track of time and not manage to clear all the gifts in enough moves.

That is not the case in this stage of course, but if that does happen, you have another 4 lives to spare. Every half an hour your life bar recharges. You can even ask your Facebook friends for some help if you don’t want to wait. And finally, you can spend some of your in-game gems for lives, or you can save them to buy more boosters or open portals later in the game. Remember, the Time Twister is the only unlimited booster, and in stages where a lot of moves is the norm, it is highly encouraged to use it for more effective gift matching.

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