For this one, we have 35 turns to match 26 snails of any color. The level opens with all of our evil snails conveniently gathered in the bottom, held in place by the Devouring Plants. The blue teleporters lead to the pink ones, but as they are so heavily blocked, it will be a while before we reach them. At the beginning, the grid will seem really tight with minimal movements and matches. The line of mystery gifts however, are there for a reason, and the effects of the special gifts inside will really help out with destroying all the leaves from the Devouring Plants.

We can even try and cheat a little, by using the Magic Scissors to reveal what’s inside 5 of those mystery gifts, and then matching them all with each other. In any case, focus on explosive combinations to take care of lots of snails and obstacles at the same time. 

And keep in mind, there’s an Evil Totem at the very bottom that shouldn’t be disturbed.

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