Back to basics with a rather big grid and a classic objective. In 30 moves, unwrap 40 green, 30 blue and 30 red gifts, along with 5 striped gifts of any color.

The grid is fragmented in such a way that the gifts flow in a pipe-like manner. There are no matches allowed across these thin separating walls. 

Even from the start, there will be plenty of striped gifts available so those should be a final concern. In any case, there will be many opportunities to create more special gifts. It might be better to wait for some of those special gifts to fill the stage so as when they are matched the chain reaction will be all that more powerful. 

Keep in mind that all of your boosters can be efficiently used in this level. The Minebug can initiate the chain reaction of your special gifts, the Shuffler will vary the combinations, and the Grappling Hook can really help out in making a color gift which is ideal when high numbers of gifts are concerned. The Color Spray on the other hand can help fill the remaining gap with which ever color you like. The Magic Scissors are obvious in how they can be used. The Time Twister thought can help you judge which special gift combination will yield the highest results.

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