40 moves to tear through 64 gift wraps in total: 16 blue, 16 orange, 16 yellow and16 pink.

There are four individual grids, each one colored entirely in one of the 4 objective’s colors. There are 3 Time Bombs in each of the grid with a timer of 35. Because of the shape of the grids, the Time Bombs will be matched and gone long before you have to worry about them. Use the Color Spray sparingly as we have plenty of colors to deal with, and don’t stay too long in a single grid. It’s easy to focus on one and forget about the rest until it’s too late to handle those Time Bombs. 

There will come points where there will be no possible movements in one of the grids. Either use some of the more explosive boosters, or stack up those striped gifts with the problematic grids. Magic Scissors can also cut through the gift wraps but you should save those as a last resort. 

Force Field Tower Levels
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