Since we’ve saved enough of our friends, we can go back to our obsessive-compulsive unwrapping of gifts. Simple grid, 25 moves and 15 gifts of green, blue and red gifts to be unwrapped.

Just a reminder of gift combinations and what they do:

Striped gift, unwrapped by a match of four same colored gifts in a row or column. Can be matched with another special gift or match-3 to destroy an entire row or column. 

Gift bag, unwrapped when five gifts of the same color are in a T or an L shape. Can be matched with any colored special gifts or match-3 of the same color for two 3x3 explosions. 

Mystery gift, unwrapped by a square match of four gifts of the same color. Unwraps when next to another match and the gift inside is special and random. 

Color gift, unwrapped by a match of five gifts in a row or column. When matched it charges up all the duplicate gifts of the original match. When combined with special gifts, it turns all the regular gifts into a double explosion. 

Time Twister, a booster that allows you to take back your move for as many times as you want and with only the turn count affected. 

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