Now we have 35 turns to free 5 birds. There are two narrow grids on the sides, and a slightly, wider one in the middle. The two side grids are connected with each other by a single teleporter, exchanging gifts with each other, while the additional teleporters send the remaining gifts in the main grid. In the middle, there’s an Evil Totem fixed in its spot, dormant as the Devouring Plant shields its nasty effect. It would be ideal to keep this one obstacle blocking the other, but because of the constant circulation of gifts from the two teleporters, the Totem at one point will be released. Hopefully, by the time that happens, you’d have freed a couple of birds and the lost turns that will follow won’t affect the remaining stage at all.

Don’t forget that we also have the Grappling Hook booster which can switch any two friendly objects with each other, so a bird can be switched with any gift that is at the very bottom where the keys are waiting for a fast and easy win.

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