Back to the saving of birds with 27 turns for 5 birds. In this level, Tin’s rival shows up to introduce a brand new obstacle, only this one seems pretty much untouchable. The Evil Totem will not budge nor move as it stuck in its original position, and neither boosters nor explosions seem to faze it.  If a match occurs in any of the Evil Totem’s adjacent squares, a turn will be lost. Even accidental matches because of randomness will cause the move count to decrease by 1 if the match is right next to the Totem. On the other hand, if a booster such as the Minebug or the Magic Scissors unwrap gifts around the Totem, then no turn will be lost.

The only way to deal with it is, go around it and avoid it as much as possible completing matches in its vicinity. And be careful to steer the birds away from the Totem’s column as that will be quite the situation if one of the birds ends up on top of the Totem. Just keep unwrapping gifts for the birds to reach the bottom and don’t stare at it for too long. 

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