Now here’s the most clear-cut level so far. In a way, the training wheels are still on, but this time we have enough turns to make this stage of Gift Panic our playground. 30 turns for a mere 14 snails: 3 green, 2 blue, 3 red, 2 orange and 4 yellow. The snails are scattered all over the two identical grids. Yet the two grids are unconnected and have their own gravitational pull (their own ecosystem as well, with their petty snail politics and talent for gift matching).

We can go for straight-forward matches of 3s or more in the individual grids, and when able, unwrap special gifts to shake the neighborhood. Or we can plan ahead and experiment, click-click-clicking that Time Twister booster until we get the perfect chain reaction. 

Since each grid has its own gravity, we can match enough gifts (even if they aren’t our objectives) to make the rest of the gifts and snails tumble down a row or two like building blocks. Doing that on both sides, allows us to line up snails and special gifts. Since striped gifts and gift bags have a big blast radius, an explosion on one grid will knock out snails on the other. And if there are gift bags on both sides…and if there’s a color gift in there, able to charge up a single color that’s scattered everywhere…well then, 30 turns and a time machine, easy-peasy.   

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