In level 56 we have 40 moves to save 4 birds. There’s a new obstacle introduced here, the Gift Devouring Plants. Now as menacing as that sounds, worry not, these are the bio-equivalent of the Iron Gift Blockers but with a couple of enforced rounds of armor (3 in total). These plants won’t outright devour any gifts or birds. Instead, they are a formidable way of stopping the birds from reaching their destination. Still, we can start ridding of them with a simple match-3 which will destroy one layer of armor. After three more attempts, the trapped gift will be free and ready to be used. Before that, even if there’s a successful match-3 with one of the gifts in the Devouring Plants, then nothing will happen.

Even if these Plants are a heck of an obstacle, don’t be disheartened as you don’t have to destroy all of them, just the ones in the same columns as the birds. Special gifts and boosters (except the Shuffler) can definitely be of help as they can damage the obstacles. If a Plant is hit by a striped gift’s rockets, then all of the armor-leaves will disappear. 

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