Here we have 25 moves to tear through 14 blue and 14 yellow gift wraps with the help of a new booster. Same rules apply to the gift wraps as in the previous level: the same colored gift match will tear through the wrap.

The Color Spray can copy any of the gift’s colors any spray it onto other gifts. So in this instance, all the yellow gifts will become blue. Just select the booster, click on any gift with the desired color, and then click on any of the other gifts you’d like to possess that color. Remember that special gifts properties won’t be copied over like the color gift, but that shouldn’t stop you from using this booster in unison with the color gift. If you spray any one color to make the majority of the gifts in the grid that one color, then use the color gift in any one of those, so the whole grid can go boom. Combine that with a striped gift or a gift bag and you can achieve a pretty high score. 

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