Following the same objective, we have to free 4 birds in 40 turns or less. Thankfully, Tin helps us out with the first one, so we only have 3 to save, and that with the help of a brand new booster.

The Grappling Hook allows any two friendly objects on the grid to be switched out with each other. Friendly objects are of course the key ingredients of our objectives: gifts, snails and now birds. Select the booster, then click on the two objects you wish to switch with each other; as simple as that. You can of course cheat all the way and keep using this helpful booster until the objective is complete, but where’s the fun in that? 

First, let’s focus on destroying the obstacles so grid circulation can be optimal, and let’s send those birds back home. Don’t be shy from using the other boosters in case one of the birds is stuck towards the end. 

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