In this first level of the Sacred Totem Tower, our first task is to rescue 10 birds in 40 turns or less. The birds can only be freed from their cages by reaching the bottom where the key to each cage can be found. All the gifts that are in that bird’s column need to be unwrapped for the bird to swoop to freedom. There will always be at least 2 birds in the grid, giving you more or less 4 turns for each.

Since the birds can only be freed once they hit the bottom, the effects of special gifts such as the explosion of a Gift Bag will leave the cage of the bird unaffected.  That doesn’t mean we can’t use a striped vertical gift to blast through all the gifts in a single column. 

But if the cages are unaffected by explosions, what then of the boosters? Well, neither the Minebug nor the Magic Scissors can do anything against the cages themselves but they can certainly help clear the way to freedom. Likewise, the Lucky Shuffler finds those cages a tad too heavy, so they will remain in their spots if the booster is used. 

Be extra careful on the direction that the birds will take as you unwrap the gifts. If any one finds itself in any of the protruding parts of the grid before it hits the bottom, then you’ll find it hard to get them out before the turn count reaches 0. In that case, it might be better to spend a life trying and learning rather than spending gems for another 5 turns. 

(Tip: line up a possible match-3 in a row and then utilize that diagonal movement by swiping the bird with the remaining gift in a match. The dangerous columns are the first and last ones where the gift hooks are spawning gifts from. If you can keep the birds flowing downwards in the middle columns, then the objective will be done in no time).

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