Right, here we go, the last level of the Forcefield Tower and our first showdown with the Evil Bear Bandit.

Each snail that we save will get inside a cannon and launch itself towards the E.B.B. taking a chunk of his health away and leaving us with one step closer to the objective. 

Our core strategy should be simple: take any opportunity you can to match those snails. But with only 35 turns to match 80 snails, we’ll have to be a bit more resourceful than usual. Keep in mind that we can use all of our boosters except the Time Twister. 

Using the boosters, we’ll have a few tricks at our disposal. Suppose there’s a solitary striped gift sitting in a row with a bunch of snails, but with no possible color matches nearby. We can use the Minebug to explode that gift, and in just one turn, a whole lot of snails will be gone from our grid. 

Likewise, if there are snails in a row, one after the other, we can save some turns by using the Magic Scissors and slicing at 5 at a time. Vertical striped gifts can definitely help out as well as they can reach across the two grids, but they shouldn’t be a priority unless there’s a snail in that match as well. 

Occasionally, the Evil Bear Bandit will send out a Gift Trap out the grids and a snail or gift will become all that harder to match. If he sees a color gift sparkling somewhere in the grid, he’ll waste no time in throwing a Gift Trap so be sure to use it early.  

In the case that the turn count runs out, you can get an additional 5 turns by spending gems. Sometimes that’s all you’ll need. 

Once E.B.B. has been taken care of, we return to the main screen and to the portal that will take us to the next world. The gate however, is locked but we have a number of ways to open it. 

You can ask a Facebook friend for a key. Or you can simply spend 9 gems to open the gate, or if you have followed some of the tips of this guide, then you should have enough stars to move ahead. If you don’t have 100 stars, then you can always go back to those levels where only a star or two were achieved, and get the remaining star with a higher score. 

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