Ever wished that you could go back in time? Well in this game you can. The first booster that we get in Gift Panic is the Time Twister, allowing us to UNDO any move for a limitless number of times. Keep in mind though, that time traveling doesn’t apply to turns but only on the grid, as unwrapped gifts swing back into position and all explosions get turned into fantastic implosions.

For this level, we will have 25 turns to free the following snails: 14 green, 13 blue, 3 red and 3 orange. Paying attention to Tin’s tutorial is a must. In the first turn he swipes a color gift with a striped gift, causing vertical explosions in all of the grids. Even if that yielded good results and the desired explosions, Tin goes back in time using the Time Twister and chooses the gift bag this time. Given the way the grids are laid out, matching the color gift with the gift bag was the perfect combination for a bombastic start.  Now we only have left a couple of snails from each color, all located in the largest grid. Since all grids have their own flow of gifts, it will be easier to focus on gift combinations in there. Yet that doesn’t mean we can’t create striped gifts in the bottom and attempt to send rockets all the way to the top grid. 

So go ahead, give it a shot. That’s why the Time Twister is there; trial and error, bigger bonuses and a healthy pre-knowledge of what will fall next turn.  

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