This one’s a bit more complicated. We have to save 4 snails of any color in 25 turns. Easy peasy until we realize that the teleporters are being blocked by Gift Traps, some doubly enforced as well. The Gift Traps should be the priority since they hold the snails in, but let’s take a moment to consider how the grids work since it can come in handy for some situations.

The grids are connected in this way: the top left grid in which new gifts spawn is connected with its diagonal grid, the bottom right one. Then the bottom right one is connected with the top right one which is the connected to the bottom left one. A bit confusing, certainly, but the objective is clear. Let’s disarm those double layered Gift Traps and save the 4 snails. 

Mystery gifts will be the easiest combo you can pull off in these square grids, but be careful, as too many mystery gifts in a single grid will clutter up the flow, making matches nearly impossible. 

As always, Magic Scissors can be really useful in tight situations such as this one. Using this booster twice we can free all 4 of snails from the Gift Traps. Using it another time will knock the snails out and make them count towards our objective and the level would be over in just 3 turns. That’s not suggested as your score will suffer, so play around a bit before you take out the Scissors. Pay attention to that turn count down though. With 25 turns you’ll be cutting it pretty short. 

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