For this one, we have 25 turns to unwrap 40 blue gifts, 40 red gifts and 1 color gift. Said color gift will need to be created by us in this level. However the grid is both tall and wide enough, and the gravity and randomness will surely help us in making one by combining five gifts of the same color in a row or column. In this stage, we have Time Bombs scattered throughout the grid with a timer of 15 turns. Besides the obvious of not letting the countdown reach 0, we can use those Time Bombs for matches as well. In fact, that’s how we’ll get rid of them. But with 25 moves and a peculiar looking grid we will need to be precise.

This grid is infused with teleporters throughout the top and bottom lines. This means that gifts and obstacles that reach the bottom of the first three columns get teleported to the next three, and so on and so on until the end of the grid. 

Therefore, movement is going to be peculiar and almost constant. Don’t forget to use that Time Twister booster as the chain reactions can go either way, helping or making matters worse. Good luck!

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