In this level we have a countdown we need to be aware of. In 35 moves we’ll need to unwrap 40, blue, orange and pink gifts, but really, we have as much time as the Time Bombs allow us. As soon as any one of these ticking sizzling sticks of dynamite reaches 0, then it’s game over for us and for Tin.

Thankfully these Time Bombs are of random colors, so we can get rid of them by matching them with nearby gifts in all the combinations that we’ve learned. We can even use some of our boosters to aid us. But, if it ever happens and there’s that one pesky bomb you haven’t matched, then don’t worry, as you can spend gems to get 1 extra life and 5 extra turns on the bomb and overall turn count. 

The furthest columns are the hardest to reach, and the gift flow in those will be rather stuck. However don’t forget to utilize that diagonal movement and swipe gifts diagonally for an easy match-3. You can also move those dynamites out of the way if a random match allows it. 

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