With 35 turns and 36 gift wraps to go, we have to be a bit utilitarian with our moves. Reason is, the big square of 16 Gift Traps that is occupying the middle, blocking the gift wraps and making it hard for us to reach our objective. Since there’s some serious blockage near our spawning gifts, perhaps this is the point where we go mad with the Scissors.

Those double layered Gift Traps will need to be the first to go. With a bit of creativity, you can even slice your way through 3 rows of Traps and get rid of all traps in the process. Since the Traps at the edges of the square are double layered, you can slice one row first and the adjacent row afterwards with the scissors, creating a comfortable gap in the middle. The top row ought to go first since it will help with the gift flow and release two gift bags in the process. 

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