Sometimes with each level your objectives will differ. Instead of unwrapping gifts you’ll have to save Tin’s friends by knocking them out of the grid and back into the sweet freedom of their pond. Tin’s friends are snails by the way, and they escape by a simple match of 3, either with other snails or gifts of the same color.

For this level we have 20 turns to save 4 blue, 3 orange and 2 yellow snails. The grid is split in two with gravity pulling everything clockwise, to the bottom right side of the grid. 

The match-3 mechanics remain, and now is the time to use all those gift combinations we have learned. Remember, your objective is to save the snails by any means necessary; match or blast. With some ingenuity, you can anticipate the flow of gifts once others have been unwrapped and are gone. Utilize that gravitational pull to the right to your advantage, and search for those possible combos no matter the color. You can by-pass the walls and go for those striped gifts that can smash their way across rows on both sides of the grid. With all these color combinations and possibilities, you can even try a color gift early on. At any time you need to remember what each special gift does, go to Settings in the bottom left, open the Help Center and choose the Basic Moves. 

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