Back to the tearing of the wraps, with 35 moves to go and 44 wraps to unwrap.

With our gravity operating in reverse, we’ll need to clear through the Iron Blockers and Gift Traps first in order to reach the top half of the grid where all the gift wraps are in. 

Progress will be slow but steady, with many opportunities for explosive combos. We could always take a short cut though. Notice there’s a gift bag in the very middle of the grid, surrounded by pesky Gift Traps and Iron Blockers. How about we send our Minebug in there to stir some things up? This convenient explosion will create a big enough gap to fill the rest of the grid with gifts, making the rest of the objective easy and fun. And don’t forget, the Magic Scissors booster can get rid of up to 5 obstacles without armor in a row.

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