45 turns to save 6 itsy bitsy snails from any color group seem more than enough, so it’s alright to be a bit suspicious. That’s because those Gift Traps in the middle of the grid have an extra layer of iron on them. These black Gift Traps will need to be doubly matched or at least exploded at a couple of times.  Even the boosters will need one extra turn to disarm these traps and they are our priority. The Snail Emitters are in the bottom half of the grid, blocked by the Gift Traps. Even if there are sufficient matches in the bottom half, the obstacles will need to get out of the way if we are to clear our objective in 45 moves.

Again, the Magic Scissors booster can be instrumental to our high score, so let’s focus on getting rid of a layer from those black Gift Traps before we slice the entire row with the scissors. 

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