In level 37 we have 35 turns to save 8 snails of any color. At the beginning of the stage, our snails are found in the bottom, huddled up in their patches of grass. Splitting the grid in two, and keeping the snails out of our reach is a row of Gift Traps. Remember that the Gift Traps can be disarmed with a match, only if inside of them is a gift that is part of a possible match. Otherwise, the boosters are a quick and effective way to get us started. The Minebug will take care of any single obstacle anywhere on the grid, while the Magic Scissors can tear through entire rows of 5 if you want to. Explosions from special gifts always work as well. And if the special gift is part of a match-3 with another special gift then we’ll be halfway to our objective.

Using the boosters at the very beginning will provide a huge advantage on the score board as snails begin to spawn faster once the first ones are saved. 

Managing to focus on the Gift Traps holding the special gifts first will create a handy chain reaction across the grid. 

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