Now we have 40 moves to tear through 68 gift wraps. In the beginning, we only have a handful of gifts available as they are all on the left side of the top grid. Now both grids are infused with gift wraps so any kind of match on them should take care of the objective. But first things first, getting rid of all those Iron Blockers. This time is kind of mandatory as that’s the only way to ensure gift circulation in both gifts, and completing the objective by cutting those gift wraps at the other side of the grid.

The Magic Scissors can make this level fly by pretty quickly. They shouldn’t be used at those Iron Moving Blockers in the middle since they can be easily maneuvered out of the way, but hey, to each his own. Getting rid of the first couple of columns of obstacles should take more or less 10 moves, leaving with an abundance of 30 to move your way across the second grid. 

Remember that you can line up horizontal striped gifts on the grid above and match them to reach the grid below. 

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