More wraps to tear through for level 34, and a brand new booster. 40 moves to tear through 48 gift wraps.

The central area of the grid is littered with obstacles. Two rows of Iron Blockers and another two rows of enforced Iron Blockers, plus a couple of Gift Traps holding some of our gift bags hostage. In order to tear through the gift wraps, we’ll need to get rid of those obstacles first. Cue in our new booster. These Magic Scissors can snip at and cut up to 5 objects that are found in a row or column. Simply select it from the booster menu in the bottom, and then tap and slide across five consecutive squares. They can cut through most things, from gifts to obstacles, the Magic Scissors will get rid of them as long as they don’t have an extra layer of iron on them. 

So clear those Blockers and Gift Traps by any means necessary, using boosters, combos and simple matches of 3. 

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