Here we have to unwrap 120 normal gifts plus 5 striped gifts of any color. So, 35 turns to match 40 blue, 40 orange and 40 yellow gifts and to explode 5 striped gifts.

Thankfully the grid is huge. Unfortunately there are 9 Iron Blocks in the middle with an extra layer of iron on each one. We can blast them away to ensure the full circulation of the grid whose gravity moves in any anti-clockwise motion. And what better way than to stack up striped gifts and blast through the obstacles, completing part of the objective. 

It might take some time, but we are given 35 turns for a reason. Destroying even one row of Iron Blockers will ensure that almost both sides of the grid get filled up with gifts. You can even use the Lucky Shuffler to increase your chances for special gift combinations, but only after a row of obstacles has been destroyed.

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