In Level 30, we have 30 turns to match 8 snails from any color group. Easy enough in theory, perhaps harder in practice once we take a look at the grid, but definitely fun and doable once we work out the specifics.

So all of our objective’s snails are spread around the stage in isolated single positions. There are vertical striped gifts in between these little hovering islands, ready to blast the snails out of the grid. 

We can go for the most obvious play here, one exploding Minebug coming up to the left and another one on the right, and the level is over in just 2 moves, a guaranteed single player high score. 

Or we can begin the slow process of destroying those Iron Obstacles that have one extra coat of armor on them. Once that is done, we’ll need to align a striped gift or a gift bag on the same row as one of those striped gifts on the sides. If a gift bag is used it needs to be in one of the furthest columns for the explosion to work. 

Alternatively, same method as above, just one row at a time. Plan out those chain reactions and quickly onwards to the next level. 

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