In this level we continue to learn about various special gifts while trying to unwrap 25 gifts that are green, blue and orange. We have 25 moves this time, and once more, they are more than enough.

If four gifts of the same color are matched in a square, then a mystery gift pops up. If the mystery gift is next to a match of 3 gifts when it happens, then a random special gift will be unwrapped. This could be literally anything depending in which Gift Panic world you’re in. 

The next combo is achieved by matching five gifts of the same color in either a column or a row. This will unwrap the color gift, a curious little present from Tin’s laboratory, with a glowing electrifying coil merely suggesting its exploding potential. The color gift can me swiped and matched with any other gift touching it. Once the match happens, sparks begin flying out across the grid, charging up all the gifts of the same color and causing them to blow up into thousands of points. If you decide to match the color gift with another special gift, then all the other normal gifts of the same color assume the properties of the special gift. That means you can plan out your combos and even unwrap all the gifts from one of your objectives in a single turn. And if that isn’t enough, the color gift ends its show with a further explosion. Clearly, Tin knows how to put on a show. 

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