In this obstacle-filled stage, we have 30 moves to save 23 of snails of any color. Remember that any match-3 combination of the same color with at least one snail will knock the snail out and make it count towards the objective.

The middle of the grid has two rows of Iron Blockers and some Gift Traps. On top of that, there’s the evil Magnet that will try to steal a snail messing up our objective. So how about we leave those obstacles alone for the time being, and match all the snails that we can in the bottom. 

Once there are no more possible combinations and all of our gift supply has been exhausted, we can begin the migration of gifts towards the snails. We’ll need a couple of matches to get rid of the same Iron Blockers as they have an extra piece of armor on them.

Not all obstacles need to be destroyed though. A small gap in the middle of the grid can allow us to pinpoint the direction of the magnetic pull, giving us enough turns for a match-3 and back into the pond for the snail. 

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