30 turns to unwrap 25 red gifts, 20 orange gifts and 25 yellow gifts. Similarly to the previous level, a Teleporter connects the two grids. All objects spawn from the grid on the left, and once there’s space in the right grid, all gifts and obstacles accumulated on the left will flow in there.

There’s only one catch though, and that’s the Iron Moving Blockers that have filled up the left grid. As these obstacles need matching gifts around them to be destroyed, we’ll need to start making room on the right grid for the Blockers to Teleport through (either that, or we use around a hundred Minebug boosters and our job’s done for us). 

Once a sufficient amount of Iron Moving Blockers have been moved to the right grid, new gifts will begin spawning from the left. 

As the Iron Moving Blockers can clutter up the bottom of the right grid and hinder the overall score, a healthy balance of objective matching and obstacle destroying is suggested for this level. If too many of these obstacles find their way to the right grid, then a smaller heap of gifts on the bottom will be almost unreachable. You can almost forget about matching those gifts…and start thinking of Gift Panic combinations to explosively unwrap them. 

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