Once more we have 30 turns to unwrap 25 green, blue and orange gifts for a whopping 75 in total. There’s a new game mechanic introduced here in the form of the Teleporter, which allows movement from one unconnected grid to another.

The top left grid is the one where all the new gifts will spawn, and is the grid with the least circulation. Yet it is connected via Teleporter with the grid below. Any unwrapping that occurs in this lower grid will cause an outflow of gifts for the grids on the left. The tall grid on the right in turn, is connected to the bottom one on the left, and since that is connected to the main grid, then any match inside this tall grid will cause a chain reaction in the rest. 

One way to reach a high score and an easy win, is to calculate the outflow of gifts in specific columns and focus on those. Unwrapping gifts in a single column in the tallest grid will cause that column to swoosh down while the ones next to it will remain unaffected. Since you’ll know which gifts will come through the Teleporter and from which column, you can stack up columns of 5 for a color gift and then match it with the easy-peasy four-in-a-row striped gift. 

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