For this level we have 30 turns to unwrap 20 green, blue and red gifts. The right side of the grid is full with Iron Moving Blockers, and they will keep pushing and moving towards the main grid as long as top ones are destroyed by a nearby match or an explosive combo.

In the bottom there’s a small independent grid which will always contain a random combination of striped gifts. Unlike the main grid, only a combo match can occur in there so make sure to use the Time Twister booster to get rid of all three gifts and destroy some blockers in the process. Color gifts will keep spawning from that side of the grid, and even though freeing them and using them is a worthwhile and fun task, pay attention to the turn count as it can run down pretty fast. 

Color gifts also have a peculiar quality and can be triggered remotely without a nearby match. If the color gift is aligned with a striped gift at the moment of its explosion, meaning they are both on the same row but far away from each other, then the rockets will hit and activate the color gift. In turn, this bubbling present of electricity will charge up the gift with the most copies in the grid and the objective will be completed before you know it. 

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