Quite similar to the previous stage, here we have to score at least 10 000 points in less than 20 turns. The grid is once more filled with obstacles, and this time we have a new mechanic introduced. The Iron Gift Blockers have an extra layer of iron, which requires at least two matches in their vicinity to get rid of them.

Combos may at first seem impossible, but with some creativity and the proper anticipation of gifts, you can create enough combos to blast through that pesky and annoying blockage in the middle. The beginning of this play through can be slow and steady with match-3 combinations being the most frequent. However, this sure and safe strategy may yield a lower star achievement than usual, even if the target object is met. This is all fine and well, but those 4 mystery gifts around the center are there for a reason. 

Focus on destroying those Blockers surrounding the mystery gifts, and let gravity handle the rest. Also keep in mind that the diagonal movement can help you slip through those Gift Blockers if there’s a diagonally available space such as in a match. 

Force Field Tower Levels
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