Now we are back at chasing a high score of 13 000 for our objective with 25 moves to go. The only trouble being that the grid is littered with obstacles. Iron Gift Traps hold our precious gifts hostages at random spots, while the sides of the grid hinder the outflow of new gifts. Progress may be slow but we will unwrap enough gifts to make it through.

Since four in a row combos might be nearly impossible in the first few turns, we should focus on match-3 combinations that are touching the gift blockers. The upper most right side should be given priority in order to release more gifts. There might come a point where no possible combinations seem available. If you use the Lucky Shuffler booster, all the obstacles will remain in their place so it is not recommended for this stage. Just be patient and a combination should reveal itself. 

Color gifts are especially efficient in stages such as these, where all gifts count towards the objective. Mystery gifts may yield some and will be easier to unwrap in this crowed grid. 

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