Level 23 is filled with obstacles and only a couple of gifts available at first. Tricky, but nothing we can’t handle. We have 14 meager turns but only 4 snails to save, 1 green, 1 blue, 1 red and 1 orange. As their name suggests, these Iron Moving Blockers act as obstacles that can be maneuvered when a possible match-3 is close by. They can be destroyed by any regular means such as a nearby match, the Minebug or the explosion from the gift bag and striped gift. These obstacles are also subject to gravity, which means they’ll tumble down the grid when space becomes available.

The more Iron Moving Blockers we manage to clear, the more gifts will start to flow and be at our disposal for further matches and combos. However, simple match-3 combinations might be more desirable as the turn counter can run down pretty quickly if you are not careful. Utilize those diagonal movements to get the Blockers out of the way. You can also send your trusting Minebug on a rescue mission and let it save a snail without bothering with any obstacles. The booster is quite useful in these tough situations where there aren’t enough turns and there are just too many Gift Blockers in the way.

Gift Panic Level 23 Walkthrough-0

Gift Panic Level 23 Walkthrough-0

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