A stage with three different types of obstacle may look tricky at first. But with 25 moves to go and only 6 snails of any color to save, Tin would say we have our job cut out for us.

All of our objective’s snails are in Gift Traps and we’ll need to disarm them first. Yet there are Iron Gift Blockers in the middle of the grid, stopping us from getting at that helpful color gift in the bottom. And straight on the other side, to the top of the grid, there’s a magnet waiting to capture the snails. Releasing a snail without nearby gifts of the same color will cause us to lose a snail and be unable to complete the objective. Unlike the previous levels, this time it will cost us a life (but of course we can always stop the magnet with gems and get a nice bonus in the process). 

A possible strategy could be using the Evil Bear Bandit’s obstacles against him. Since only a handful of gifts keep the magnet away from the snails, it might be better to leave them trapped for the time being. We can wait for the surrounding gifts to accumulate and make our move then, all the while focusing on getting rid of those Iron Gift Blockers and going after the color gift. As always, be careful of chain reactions when snails are this close to a magnet. They may roll unwillingly straight into the Bandit’s hands. 

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