In this level we’ll have to save 16 snails of any color in less than 20 turns. Thankfully, there are no magnets, and all of our objective’s snails are all bunched up in the bottom of the left grid. Yet straight away we can see what the problem will be. Two identical grids next to each other, and all the snails in Iron Gift Traps immobilized and blocking one another. And that’s only in a single grid.

Remember that the Iron Gift Traps can be disarmed by a match with the trapped snail/gift, by nearby explosion or by the Minebug. In this case, only once a trap is disarmed will the snail become available for a match. 

One way to tackle our problem is to begin making striped gift on the right grid, and line them up with the snails by making space with a match-3 here and there. Triggering those explosions will clear the traps and you can take care of the rest. Horizontal striped gifts will do the trick on the right grid, while vertical ones are ideal for the left. 

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