The second level has a much bigger grid in which you can play around. Don’t be disheartened by the number of gifts you have to unwrap: 25 greens and blues and reds are nothing when gift explosions are involved. Tin might say, that is also the point. That’s why he teaches us a couple of key combos.

The striped gift is unwrapped when you match four gifts of the same color either horizontally or vertically. When matched, double rockets rush through either row or column, unwrapping any gifts in the process no matter the color (tip: the stripe on a gift indicates the directions the rockets will take). 

The gift bag, unwrapped by matching five gifts of the same color in either a T or an L shape. Remember to utilize that diagonal movement. When matched, the gift bag blasts all gifts surrounding it, leaving a solitary gift behind, which then goes boom as well, just like the unwrapped gift bag. 

Now here’s Tin’s point from the tutorial: these special gifts can be matched with other gifts of their own color, or simply swiped to be matched with any other special gift as long as they are next to each other. When such a combo is created, most of the grid goes kaboom and half your job is already done. 

For this level, 20 turns leave enough room for experimentation. So go ahead and mess around. For fun, for a higher score, for the sheer pleasure of hearing those boom bursts coming out of your phone. 

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