For level 19, we’re going to unwrap 22 of each green, blue and red gift in 20 moves. The only problem being, there are Iron Gift Traps in our way. The traps can enclose any random gift, special or not, and hold it in place. The gift then acts like an Iron Gift Blocker, meaning you cannot maneuver it out of the way for another match nearby. There are a couple of ways to get rid of them though.

By including the trapped gift in a match-3 or more the Iron Gift Trap is disarmed. Another way is to match a special gift nearby and have its blast radius take care of the trap. And finally, the Minebug can make its way to any trap and smash it to pieces. 

The placement of these traps can sometimes be quite annoying. Even more so when different colored gifts are trapped in proximity and there’s no way for a match. In that case, you have to also keep in that mind that special gifts in an Iron Gift Trap can be matched out of the trap, but won’t trigger an explosion. Even when the Minebug is used, only the Iron Gift Trap is destroyed, allowing you to use the special gift in the next turn. That also applies for the regular gifts as well.

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