Here’s one of the more interactive objectives. There are 25 turns to unwrap 4 mystery gifts and 25 striped gifts of any color. But once more, the Iron Gift Blockers are in the way. It also seems that not enough striped gifts are available and there aren’t any mystery gifts at all. What to do? Well thankfully, there will always be a couple of special gifts to get you started. On every reset of the stage there’ will be enough special gifts to cause explosive chain reactions.

Swipe and match any of the special gifts at the edges of the grids, and watch as the domino explosions take care most of the obstacles. It’s also a perfect time to utilize the Time Twister (by definitions it’s always the perfect time for that), as there are multiple combinations for the first move but only a few that will unblock the right hooks for the gifts to flow. Some Iron Gift Blockers may hinder your progress by stopping some of the gifts falling on each turn, so be sure to destroy them on that first turn. 

But how about the remaining objective? Well, we will make our own special gifts. The shape of the middle grid, once the top is free from obstacles, will allow many opportunities for all the combinations. Match 4 gifts of the same color in a row or column for a striped gift, and 4 in a square for a mystery gift which then unwraps when a match happens next to it. You can also quite easily (and cheekily) blast through the objective by combining one color gift and one striped gift. That will cause the remaining gifts that are the same color as the striped gift to become special as well, then explode all over the grid, counting towards the objective with a big flashing score. This level might be over before you know it, so, take your time. 

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