In level 16 we have 25 moves to free 24 snails of any color. At the bottom, these patches of fresh grass are Snails Emitters and new snails spawn from there. Before, when magnets were involved, we had to worry about spending our well-earned gems in case one of the snails got caught. This time, the snails spawn endlessly from the bottom and we are given plenty of time and opportunities to free plenty of them.

Progress may be slow as the match combinations become trickier with the magnets looming menacingly above each column. So why don’t you prepare for most consistencies by stacking up on random special gifts along the snails’ way? 

Since the magnet can only pull at a single snail on every turn, most of the snails will stack up next to each other in the bottom. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we should wait for a successful match-3. We can also try and knock the snails back to freedom by combining the explosive gifts in those bottom rows where the snails huddle up. Big numbers and a quick countdown to your objective is guaranteed.

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