Here’s a variation of an objective. Free 8 snails of any color in 15 turns or less. The snails and gifts occupy both rectangular grids and there are a couple of magnets on opposing sides. The grids are wide enough for many mystery gift combinations but you should be careful of how many gifts you unwrap at once. Chain reactions will cause the rows to swiftly flow once free of gifts, and some of the snails may be caught by the magnets quite quickly.

It’s easy to become absorbed in the affairs of a single of the two grids. Don’t forget that the magnets will pull the snails at every turn, so your attention will have to be split between the two grids.  

Once more, be mindful of the magnet, as once a snail is captured by the magnet, you’ll have to forfeit the level and try again with another life, or spend gems to disable the magnet. But don’t worry too much about this level. It is merely an exercise before the next one. 

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