Our objective in this level is the unwrapping of 20 blue gifts and 20 orange gifts in 20 movements. Like the previous stage, the little hooks that bring out the gifts are plenty and placed on top of every column. Combos should be relatively easy to achieve and the turn count more than plenty. The size of the grid and abundance of fresh gifts may taunt you into a gift matching frenzy no matter the color. Keep in mind then that targeted gift combos in the objective’s colors produce a higher score.

Competing against your friends on Facebook will yield gems which you can then use to buy more boosters or lives when you don’t want to wait. At the end of every stage, check your score; 3 stars mean a higher ranking score in comparison with your friends’ scores. Try and beat them for more gems. Heck, try and beat your own personal score while you’re at it. 

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